Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The artistry of Egor Zaitsev Nikolaevich

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  1. Thank you for posting this beautiful work. It is a particularly interesting painting in that it appears to show a historic church that is in the process of being restored to worship. I saw many churches like this when I travelled to Russia 10 years ago - the structure of the building has been restored (very likely by the government), and it has just recently been handed over to the Church. Thus the iconostasis is a temporary structure and there are a few moveable icons and furnishings, but no frescoes. I also notice that the service is taking place at the south side chapel, not the central altar. Perhaps this small corner of the building is all that has been made ready for worship so far, and restoration of the main altar awaits more funds or more worshippers. It is a poignant vignette showing a condition so typical of Orthodoxy in recent years. The painter has chosen to show the church flooded with light as a metaphor for the restoration of worship.