Monday, August 24, 2015

Intruders overtake church in Ukraine

Think back to yesterday when you're listening to the choir, the altar boys are visibly milling about through the open spaces in the icon screen, and you've picked up the same small child 4 times to keep him happy an quiet. Now imagine a crashing sound at the front door. People you've never seen before are rushing in and begin forcing everyone out the of the building. That was the experience of people in a church in Ukraine. Please pray for an end to this terrible conflict. As to the photo above, this story reminded me of this incident from last year.

Moscow, August 24, (Interfax) - The incident has happened at St. Vladimir Church in the village of Malye Dmitrovichi, the Obukhov District, the Kiev Region, Ukraine.

Unidentified people rushed into the church during the liturgy, they called themselves representatives of the local self-defence. Priests of the self-proclaimed Kiev Patriarchate later joined them, press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reports.

"Swearing, they made the rector and parishioners stop the service and leave the church, the the church was closed. Militia arrived on parishioners' call, but kept away from the incident and did not interfere when the service was disrupted," the message further reads.

The local community turned to the prosecutor's office complaining on the intruders and law-enforcement officers.


  1. so how can you prove this story is true and not just a pieceof propaganda from Interfax?

    and why is there a picture not related to the story whatsoever?

    1. I've been posting Interfax stories for years. You could take umbrage with any of them. As for the photo, I felt like it. This isn't a new source. It's a blog.

    2. "You could take umbrage with any of them"

      I take with the uncredited ones, like the one above

      "This isn't a new source. It's a blog"

      it is a newsource because that's what you do here for 90+% of time, and a fairly popular one. taking that into consideration you IMO should take more effort into checking whether the news you post about actually did happen

    3. Mike your Russophobia is showing... Again. The only canonical Orthodox Church in the Ukraine has said it happened via their official press service. You must come to grips with the fact that this is happening in the Ukraine and neither the Kiev regime, nor anyone in the west is doing anything to stop it.

      And Father, I again have to question your motivation here. What does the photo and subsequent caption have ANYTHING to do with this article? Your Russophobia is rearing its ugly head too. I do comment you however for finally acknowledging the horrible actions that the so called "Kiev Patriarchate" has been engaged in for almost 2 years. Lord have Mercy.

    4. I've been hearing a lot of conflicting stories about church seizures on both sides of this Ukrainian conflict. While I am sympathetic to the revolutionaries who overthrew the oligarch at Maidan, I acknowledge that neither side is entirely blameless here. There is a lot of anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine and much of it is warranted.

      As far as I have been able to tell, only the Kievian Patriarchate and the Muscovite Metropolia have been accused of the ecclesiastical crimes. Any reports I've heard about the UGCC and the Autocephalous Church have them on the receiving end of this.

    5. "The only canonical Orthodox Church in the Ukraine has said it happened via their official press service"

      No, Interfax said it. Can you provide anything from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church about the issue?

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  3. In the absence of any independent corroboration, I can only take this report as another piece of lying propaganda from the Moscow Patriarchate, made with the "blessing" of that so-called Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev, in the interests of the Russian war on the Ukranian people.