Friday, December 18, 2015

May we have peace this Christmas season

Posted tongue in cheek. I'm so weary of all the violence.

(Reason) - Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb... Agrabah? While U.S. airstrikes in Syria continue to dominate foreign-policy headlines, the Republican electorate won't so easily forget about another Middle Eastern menace. According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, 30 percent of Republican voters nationally support bombing Agrabah. Just 13 percent are opposed, while the rest remain unsure.

Agrabah, for the record, is not actually a real country. It's the name of the magical kingdom where the Disney movie Aladdin takes place.

Results of more serious questions from the same poll are too depressing—more than a quarter of Republican voters think Islam should be illegal in America; almost half support the creation of a national database of Muslims; and "looking back," only 49 percent think Japanese internment camps during WWII were a bad idea.

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  1. Not surprising really, given the populist impulse. Still, I don't buy into "multiculturalism" myself so there is something to be said for discouraging cultures (such as Islam) that will be naturally and forever in conflict with other cultures (such as our protestant or "post protestant" liberal society).

    What ever the depth of these sins, they don't reach nearly as far as the "all too depressing" statistics of democrats who think that killing your unborn child is a "right". So, given the choice between the two, the Republicans look like bright angels next to the culture-of-death democrats (not that you have to choose either - you can simply opt out)...