Friday, January 8, 2016

We should do this

Our bishops should put out diocesan documents like this for parish use (one could hope for even something from the Assembly of Bishops) every December for use in January. I've written them before when asked by parents, but a systemic and pro-active plan would both encourage families and reinforce how important participating in the feast is.


  1. And for Holy Week, or at least for Holy Friday.

  2. A note like this should be made available to all parents for the 12 great feasts, patronal feast days, etc. However, a priest should be able to do this, right?

  3. Our priest in Mayfield, PA negotiated with the local school district and got Orthodox Christmas to be a vacation day for ALL students! Jan 7 has been a day off in the Lakeland School district for 20+ years. I know that's not really possible in many areas but glory to God for that blessing!

    Also, last year the school district had a survey to try and reduce the amount of days off (due to heavy snow totals almost every year) so that school wasn't lasting into late June. The people who answered the survey of course wanted "Russian Christmas" to no longer be a day off, mainly out of ignorance, ("well it's not OUR Christmas so.."). However enough parents and church members approached the school board and they voted overwhelmingly that Russian Christmas remains a holiday.

    I've seen similar notes like this but not officially from any diocese.