Friday, January 15, 2016

ZOE for Life! trains volunteers in Ohio

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH (OCA-Midwest) — “ZOE for Life!” recently conducted its first training program for volunteers at Archangel Michael Church, Broadview Heights, OH.

ZOE for Life! is a pan-Orthodox Christian charity with three major goals: to help women who need confidential emotional and spiritual support during crisis pregnancies; to assist Orthodox Christians seeking to adopt children; and to provide an education for pure living and other resources.

The training program consisted of a series of sessions on topics related to these goals. Twenty-six volunteers attended the program, including three from the ZOE’s Michigan chapter.

“Thank you to all the wonderful people who attended our volunteer training,” ZOE President Paula Kappos said, adding that the organization is in need of a number of volunteers, including medical personnel, teachers and counselors, administrative and support personnel, and experts in the fields of fundraising, information technology and social media. To volunteer, call 877-436-5433 or send an e-mail from ZOE’s website here.

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