Thursday, February 11, 2016

Russians supposedly fearful Pope will get too much respect

What an odd thing to worry about.

Moscow (Interfax) - The Russian Orthodox Church does not believe that the superiority of the Pope traditionally worshipped by Catholics will have an impact on the protocol and spirit of the oncoming meeting between the Pontiff and Patriarch Kirill.

"In the times when an undivided Church existed, the archbishop of the city of Rome was, indeed, the first in the list of primates of Christian Churches," Hieromonch Stefan (Igumnov), secretary of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations, said when speaking on Rossiya-24 television on Thursday.

This circumstance did have a mark on the protocol of communications between Christian leaders "but this procedure was considerably simplified during the pontificate of the current Pope", he went on.

"Perhaps, it will be understood from the protocol of the mutual greetings that the meeting is quite long-anticipated and that these people have much to discuss at the meeting," Hieromonch Stefan added.

The main point of the meeting, in his view, will be that the two leaders of the Christian world will be able to raise a "common powerful voice" on matters touching all mankind.

It is expected that Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis will have an opportunity to talk to each other for about three hours. Their meeting will be held at the international airport of Havana, the Cuban capital city, and is due to start at about 14:15 Friday local time.

The oncoming meeting between the head of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Pope will be the first in history. This meeting has been on the agenda of relations between the two Churches for about 20 years.


  1. Please tell me that this a typo or lost in translation: "The Russian Orthodox Church does not believe that the superiority of the Pope traditionally worshipped by Catholics."

    No serious Orthodox Christian believes that Catholics worship the Pope, right?

  2. The oncoming meeting between the head of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Pope will be the first in history.

    Well, excepting Isidore, Metropolitan of Kiev and Moscow who was head of the Russian Church when he attended and assented to the Council of Florence (1438-1439).

    Orthodox being so prone to the remembrance of wrongs (a sin), perhaps Russians are afraid Patriarch Kirill will return as Cardinal Kirill this time, too.

  3. The papacy will be forced to take concrete steps and show repentance or the Renovationist party of Hilarion Alfeev will go up in flames and Rome will never again be able to buy such a photo op. Right now, the Vatican is stocking up on Russian pleasing lipstick to give the best sycophant, RUSSKY MIR affirming smoochies it can to the Primary Hierarch of Orthodox Catholicism (And soon to be all of Christendom), the Patriarch of Moscow.

    No, the Patriarch has no need of cardinal red when he already wears papal white so naturally and elegantly. But he will take a papal tiara when you heretics repent and return to the Orthodox Catholic Church.

  4. Kirill's visit with Francis is important for several reasons. Moscow is seriously annoyed with the Uniates and their shenanigans in the Ukraine. Alfeyev got in the RC bishops faces in no uncertain terms about what Moscow thinks of Uniatism. Remember George Weigel firing off a defensive missive not too long ago in response to Alfeyev's remarks? Moscow wants Francis to tell the Uniates to back off and quit causing trouble.
    In the Middle East it is Russia and, by extension, the ROC who are perceived as the saviors of the Christians; not Rome and certainly NOT THE EP. This serves to remind +Bart that Moscow is becoming the new big man on campus in international affairs. +Bart cannot be too pleased.

  5. This should not have happened, no matter how much money was put in Alfeev's pocket, without stated concessions on the part of the papacy beforehand. If none are forthcoming, an open dissonance will arise against Alfeev's party and put pressure on Putin's presidency at a critical time. We are sick and tired of Renovationists of Alfeev's ilk, and there will be a vocal outcry mandating immediate steps to stamp out unia! So the papacy's money BETTER INCLUDE a process to liquidation of the Unia, removal of the filioque, the Orthodox Paschalion and papal smoochies for RUSSKY MIR. If not, the homophone understudy to Paul VI is going to find he has lost people he can buy with papal money holding influence in Orthodox local churches.

    Anyone, who insists on being called the Vicar of CHRIST "possessing the charisma of infallible magisterium which can unilaterally speak for the Church" is a person arrogating to himself the High Priesthood of CHRIST in HIS Church. The very fact that papists prey on dissidents with the smear "more Catholic than the pope" shouts their heretical faith in papal theocracy replacing True Faith in CHRIST.

  6. Isidore spent a week in Moscow, being bounced to Kiev, spending a month there, getting bounced to the Balkans where he was literally chased to the Vatican where the lifestyle he chose, the lifestyle of the papacy, scandalized Martin Luther to the point of founding a new religion.

    Isidore's apostasy resulted in the birth of Russian autocephaly, the Third Rome being founded. His uniatism resulted in centuries of wars, hatreds, atrocities, leading to today and the impending doom of a papacy, begging scraps from the Kremlin's table.

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  8. I was not a heretic before I had ever heard of Orthodoxy, in a rural part of the U.S. With very few Orthodox. The other Roman Catholics I knew are not heretics either, whether they know all about Orthodoxy or not I do not know but I know they are faithful believers much better than I who are honestly seeking Christ. There are large parts of the U.S. Where Orthodoxy is all but unknown. Please watch your rhetoric.

  9. If you profess the heresies of the papist church, you are a heretic. Filioque, created grace, papal magisterium and infallibility, etc.

    What you write is precisely the reason why estrangement from the Orthodox Church and its lack of presence in so many places is an urgent tragedy.

    Please learn to appreciate how critical that makes things and how it means that the Truth cannot be sugar coated.