Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Met. Tikhon of Washington and All America (OCA) at Phanar


  1. Excellent in what way? Obviously, it is always good for brothers to dwell together in unity but do you mean something more?

  2. It is excellent in that a primate of the Orthodox Church in America con-celebrated with the Ecumenical Patriarch. Given the controversy over the status of the OCA within the Orthodox communion, and its lack of participation in the upcoming Great Council, I see this a great step in the right direction. Not that the OCA and the EP were not in communion before this but I can't recall when a Primate of the OCA concelebrated the liturgy with the EP.

    1. This is a very positive step in a healthy direction. Yet there are undoubtedly some commentators of a more cynical disposition toward the EP who may see this as presaging an attempted power grab in North America. I rather prefer to be optimistic. In any case, I'd prefer that to being reabsorbed by Moscow - not that that option is even on the table, though there were rumors about Metropolitan Jonah to that effect. Really it'd just be nice to be decolonized by foreign bishoprics altogether. Alas. To be fair, let's just say it's hard not to be cynical about the behavior of our hierarchs. May God preserve them in every way.