Monday, June 20, 2016

Crete Council - June 20th press briefing

If you're going to watch this, be patient. There is a lot of translation work going on and brevity is not ascendent in this process.


  1. Not impressed. Lots of double talk, and flat out false information.

    To say the churches that aren't attending are doing so simply because of "internal problems" is completely unfounded; as each group has given specific reasons which relate specifically to the documents, which they have problems with. That was their whole message.

    Also there was never "pan-Orthodox consensus" for two major reasons.

    One, Antioch never signed anything, they have said from the beginning that they will not attend until Qatar is settled.

    Two, the "consensus" was a meeting of a mix of primates and representatives authorized to speak for primates. Primates do not speak for their entire church with binding authority, they are merely the first among equals within their church. A synod must gather at a local church and vote for there to be any official authority rendered for a "consensus".

    So once again, the idea that a group of 14 bishops got together, and made some sort of binding agreement for the whole of Orthodoxy, is laughable, and un-canonical at best; and they didn't even mange that thanks to Antioch. (I'm not even throwing in the fact that the OCA was never invited, can't say i'm surprised, but neither can I say that's kosher, when heretics are being invited for the first time ever).

    Am I preaching to the choir here or do people really not know this?

  2. I agree 100% with your statement.

  3. here are the facts; a council of bishops representing 10 major Orthodox Churches is being held. It is considering six proposals to which they have no authority to make binding on anyone. In fact this seems to be but another preplanning committee reflecting on some timely issues.

  4. whatever you loosen on earth will be loosened in heaven and whatever you bind on earth with be bound in heaven.