Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crete Council - June 22nd press briefing

Some documents that have reached consensus are nearing release. The first two days occasioned some "stage fright" to speak that has warn off. There are a lot more hierarchs speaking during the Council. At the same time, these press briefings won't discuss amendments while they are being discussed actively in Council.

What about the letter Mount Athos sent to the Ecumenical Patriarch and of their recommendations for the council. EP Bartholomew read them and took them under advisement.

Has there been any discussion about the toponymics of bishops in overlapping episcopates (e.g. Can any number of bishops be called the Bishop of New York?) in the "diaspora?" No answer.

Bulgaria confirmed they aren't coming. What do you think? We think that we are the Council. There are absentee Churches, but we have "moved ahead."

What about ethnophyletism? Patriarch Daniel of Bucharest says we can't call our identity ethnophyletism. At the same time ethnophyletism isn't on the agenda so we can't discuss it.


  1. Wow. What a poor synopsis you provided.

    1. Thanks Tony!

      Feel free to watch it or even put a synopsis of your own.

    2. Your welcome!

      I did watch it, and recommend everyone to do so and formulate their own synopsis and opinions (instead of relying on your biased and woefully incomplete one).

    3. Of course I'm biased. This isn't network news. It's a blog.

  2. Yes. I understand that. Which is why I urge the readers to watch the video for themselves instead of relying on your biased synopsis.

    BTW, I enjoy your website very much and have been visiting for years. I was just a tad disappointed on how poor of a synopsis you provided. I have been just as discouraged as you have been regarding the lead up and controversial aspects of this Synod. I wish the Synod was postponed. But that doesn't mean, in my opinion, that it is appropriate to give a lopsided and unbalanced blurb of this video which can misrepresent what is being expressed as a whole. I understand that this is a blog and not a news site, and you have every right to post whatever you want. I simply felt compelled to warn others to do their own study and observations and come up with their own conclusions, as your synopsis was not news worthy but merely heavily biased and incomplete, lacking in charity and respect, and in some instances, downright deceiving. With that, I will post no further and leave you to have the final say. Farewell.

  3. Dear Josephus,

    Upon viewing the video, it is my opinion that you provided a very fair and accurate summary of what was presented. I find it interesting that they failed to reiterate a statement that was made by a representative of the EP....Bishop Kirill.....who stated that the Orthodox Church is not the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church of the Creed. He stated that the heterodox formations are also included.

    This is heretical. I am praying that there was a translation issue. Here is the link.