Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Russian Church adds messaging app for parishes

Will it work? Remember, priests don't answer emails (see here and here).

(BBC) - The Russian Orthodox Church is to launch a new messaging app in order to help priests to keep in touch with believers.

It's being made by the same designers behind the Church's dedicated social network, Elitsy, which was launched in 2014. The app, which is currently in development, will "satisfy the needs of the faithful for interaction and continuous contact between parishioners and the Church", according to Elitsy's press service, cited by Tass news agency. It adds that the app has the blessing of the Church's leader, Patriarch Kirill.

As well as standard tools such as sending text, audio and video messages between users, the app will also allow priests to contact a whole parish, diocese or even the entire Church. It's come about due to requests from Elitsy users, Tass says.

The number of registered users of the Elitsy network now tops 100,000, according to the report, including more than 1,000 priests. Among the features available to those who set up an account is a service called "Ask a priest", with some priests posting video replies to queries on everything from whether hunting is a suitable pastime for an Orthodox Christian, to how to choose a husband.


  1. This seems a bit late. Our priest used WhatsApp geoups: one for daily quotes and reminders of which saints are honored, and one for news and pictures of our church (several buildings are still under construction). There's also a group on VK (Russian Facebook) and Facebook as well.

  2. Great. Since the Council in Crete I have been wondering whether a modern communications system among all the bishops in Orthodoxy would not be a more appropriate means to produce documents that the Holy Spirit approves than the rigid process leading to the Crete Council.

  3. "Remember, priests don't answer emails."

    Was it emails in 19th century Russia?! Is outrage!!