Monday, July 10, 2017

Oriental Orthodox Churches Youth Conference 2017

Holmdel, NJ (SCOOCH) - On June 24, 2017, noted theologian Fr. Peter Farrington (Abouna Peter Farrington) of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK spoke to an audience of youth and clergy on the subject of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy at the Sixth Annual SCOOYA Youth Conference. SCOOCH invites you to view the video of his two-part presentation, followed by a Q&A session in which Fr. Peter and a panel of Oriental Orthodox clergy tackle a variety of off-the-cuff questions from the youth, here:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 - Q&A

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  1. Fr. John McGuckin:

    The term ‘Orthodox’ originally came into popular usage in the Eastern Christian world as a descriptor of the church communities in the sixth century, to distinguish those who accepted the decrees of the Council of Chalcedon (451 ad) from those who refused them. It grew up as a party term, therefore, meant to distinguish the Byzantine Christians (and the Latins along with them) from those dissenting from the Christological settlement of Chalcedon. (Fr. John McGuckin: The Orthodox Church pg. 24)