Friday, January 19, 2018

Trump first sitting president to address March for Life


  1. you have found a great role model

    1. Mike, the fact that Trump was 1st sitting president in US history since Roe V. Wade to address the annual march of life was highlighted in a blog post has absolutely nothing to do with Trump being a good or bad role model.

      I don't mean to be rude, but your incessant contrary & unreasonable comments on ByzTex have reached the point of being down-right obnoxious.

      You would do well to consider implementing the grandmotherly advice: "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all", or, I would add, at least fight harder against the urge to make unsolicited irrational and/or antagonistic comments.

    2. No doubt about it, he is an angry young man in a world filled with angry young men...

    3. Mike, I love the cognitive dissonance of supporting this dumpster fire of a human being for this one thing whilst ignoring every other one of his inhuman and unChristian policies.

  2. This past presidential election was the first time I did not vote since I was old enough to could vote, which for me was the Bush vs. Dukakis election of 88. Politics, being the art of the possible and a worldly pursuit, is always a "lessor of two evil" decision. However between Hillary or Trump I simply could not bring myself to pull the lever. Not that I was ever going to vote for Hillary. Like C.S. Lewis, normally I would always choose the Robber Barron over the Moral Do-Gooder. However like most others I was too concerned for Trumps mental stability.

    What a pleasant surprise he has been. Who would have thought that he would come out so explicitly against the holocaust of the unborn? Cynics will of course accuse him of a political maneuver, a no cost play, and there is truth in that no doubt. The more important truth is that he is simply outside the "normal", the status quo and most of our judgements have proved to be in vain. May God grant him many years!!

  3. Jake, you may have heard what Churchill said after Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. He said if Hitler invaded hell that he, Winnie, would be obligated to say something complimentary about the devil. Old Winnie was controversial among the Brits at the time. Without him, they might have caved into to Hitler and made the world a much less safe place. Yet, he had no illusions about Stalin, either. Like Trump, he turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

  4. Another pleasant surprise, there is now a division in the HHS, I believe, tasked with protecting workers who experience discrimination because of their religion.

    Yes that will include Muslims as well but it is the first time any such care has been given.

    Hillary wanted to exercise the political will to force Christians from the public square and to reeducate us. That was part of her deplorables speech, I believe.

    Trump's morals actually compare quite favorably with former Presidents Wilson,Harding, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton.

    The Clinton's are quite likely traitors. Selling secrets, assets and power to foreign governments to enrich themselves.

    Want to know Trump, read about Andrew Jackson.