Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Enthronement of first abbess in Fiji

(Pacific Islands Church) - We are very happy and proud to share these photos with you - photos which capture a very significant and historic event: the Enthronement of the Abbess Gerontissa Melani of the Monastery of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Saweni, Fiji. Doxa to Theo!!

Gerontissa Yuliani, the Abbess of the Kehrovounio Monastery in Tinos, was also in Fiji for the Enthronement as Gerondissa Melani, together with Sister Anissa, spent one and a half years at the Monastery in Tinos.

It is particularly touching that Gerondissa Melani is not only the first igoumeni in Fiji but that she is a native Fijian as is Sister Anissa. Many years to our new Gerondissa and may our Panagia protect and guide her in this role.

Πάντα Αξία Γερόντισσα Μελάνι και να σάς προστατεύει ή Παναγία μας!

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