Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It seems Nathanael Symeonides was chosen to head Chicago

He's also apparently on the National Council of Churches "Racial Justice Task Force."

Archimandrite Nathanael Symeonides has been elected Metropolitan of Chicago. He is currently the Director of the Archdiocesan Advisory Committee on Science & Technology and Director of Inter-Orthodox Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations. Fr. Nathanael was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and is a 2000 Graduate of Hellenic College and a 2003 Graduate of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. He holds a ThD in Bioethics from Boston University, and an MS from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. He was ordained a Deacon by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios in 2003 and a Presbyter by the Archbishop in 2010. He served as the Deacon to the Archbishop from 2006-2010 and as the pastor of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, NYC since 2010.


  1. Not encouraging

    1. As we know we’re not the church of pronouncements... if you ignore every liturgy, every council, every book of the Bible...

    2. One of the ways that error has triumphed so easily in the modern Roman Catholicism is this idea that it is difficult or even impossible to determine what the church teaches. That mentality erodes any claim to epistemological certitude, which in the case of morality and other settled doctrines, undermines the entire edifice of the church.

      So it is disconcerting to see this newly elected Orthodox bishop begin his answer with that same, erroneous assertion.

  2. I heard that he is a committed ecumenist, a big time supporter of the Cretan Robber Council, and a former instructor at Fordham.