Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Blog created to discuss Ukraine's effect on Orthodox unity

How has Constantinople understood the granting of autocephaly in the past? How has it changed over the years? Who can grant it, when, and for what reasons? Can the Ecumenical Patriarchate act unilaterally? What do the other patriarchates and theologians think about the topic? It is not light reading; so you aren't going to find many (any?) bumper sticker slogans to put on your car.

(Orthodox Synaxis) - Orthodox Synaxis is a project of the Institute for Orthodox Unity, a pan-Orthodox organization dedicated to preserving the unity of the Orthodox Churches throughout the world.

Orthodox Synaxis was created in response to the current threat to global Orthodox unity, which is manifesting itself in a conflict between the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Patriarchate of Moscow, regarding the ecclesiastical situation in Ukraine. This website is focused on the underlying ecclesiological issues: primacy, conciliarity, autocephaly, etc., as opposed to historical and territorial claims specific to the case of Ukraine. This website will house important primary source texts, as well as relevant analysis.

The Institute for Orthodox Unity and its founders are not affiliated with either the Ecumenical Patriarchate or the Patriarchate of Moscow.

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  1. Blogs like this totally miss the point. Even if the ecumenical patriarchate does have a unilateral right to grant autocephaly, to give it to notorious defrocked schismatics like Filaret Denysenko or the self-consecrated psuedo-hierarchy of the UAOC would be a huge abuse of that power which still must be resisted.