Thursday, February 14, 2019

OCU delegation: Nobody shut the door on us at Mt. Athos

(ROMFEA) - Metropolitan Pavlos of Odessa of the Autocephalous Church of Ukraine was very impressed after his returning from Mount Athos, where he paid a visit, accompanied by 7 priests of the Metropolitan of Odessa.

The Ukrainian delegation visited 16 Monasteries while in two of them they co-officiated with the Brotherhood.

“Nobody shut the door upon us! All the rumors were inaccurate and propaganda,” said f. Valerios, priest of the Holy Metropolis.

Regarding the visit to Saint Panteleimon Monastery, they stated that they were let to get in the Monastery, stressing that they did not have the opportunity to worship the relics of Saint Panteleimon because they had been removed in the morning.”

Both the Metropolitan and the clergy were excited about their pilgrimage, while they underlined that after so many years of isolation, they would make other trips to other local Churches.


  1. There certainly is lots of propaganda.....most of it coming straight from the bowels of Istanbul.

  2. We don't know who to believe. I think it best EVERYONE just look to their Bishop and Spiritual Father. Lord, have mercy.


  3. What, these scchis-matic-sss were allowed to visit and even celebrate with the monks? Did not the monks know that those who celebrate with scchis-matic-sss are scchis-matic-sss themselves and deprive themselves of Grace?!? Mount Athos is now scchis-matic and without Grace! Mount Athos will answer to the judgement of God and History and...

    1. Istanbul has now succeeded in dividing the holy mountain. Lord have mercy

  4. Perhaps we would be wiser to heed only the statements of actual Abbots themselves rather than of proven schismatics. Bolstering to be reading the Spiritual Counsels of Saint Paisios the Athonite just now, thank Thee Lord, and praying with pain for the enlightenment of all on Mount Athos.

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