Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Has Jerusalem seen reason?

(Romfea) - The Ukrainian issue was the occasion for their meeting in Cyprus, but the Patriarchs of Antioch and Jerusalem have reached a compromise on the subject of Qatar.

The difference that divided them, according to’s exclusive information, seems to have been bridged.

The Primates, John X of Antioch and Theofilos III of Jerusalem, after a long conversation, to all appearances, ended up in agreement…

Romfea’s information indicates that the Patriarchate of Jerusalem is seriously considering withdrawing Archbishop Makarios from Qatar.

Another issue that has been dealt with is the change of the title, so that there will be no reason to dispute over issues of ecclesiastical jurisdiction.


  1. Antioch again, doing the jobs the Ecumenical Patriarchate just won't do.

  2. It's almost as if they didn't need Patriarch Bartholomew to intermediate

    1. Menas, let's not be ridiculous. We all know that Orthodoxy cannot exist without the Holy & Apostolic Center located at the Phanar. It's Holy Week for heaven's sake. Please try to abstain from this type of blasphemy.

  3. Does anyone know if Patriarch John X speaks Greek?

  4. Gee whiz I was thinking the very same thing myself. But I guess Fener is busy with the weightier affaires of the much larger pickins up north among the Slavs.