Friday, June 21, 2019

OCU to consider response to disastrous UOC-KP decision

(Romfea) - The “Local Synod” of the so-called “Patriarchate” of Kiev, chaired by the honourary “Patriarch” Filaret in the Cathedral of St. Vladimir in Kiev, met on Thursday, June 20.

During the meeting, the “Local Synod” annulled the decisions of the Unification council, held on December 15 in Kiev, where the cessation of the so-called “Patriarchate” of Kiev and its accession to the Autocephalous Church of Ukraine were decided.

The resolution issued by the “Local Synod” states that “the Patriarchate of Kiev continues to exist and has a state entity, while Filaret continues to be its Head.”

“The Tomos granted by Constantinople to the Autonomous Church of Ukraine does not comply with the Statute of other Autocephalous Churches and makes the Church of Ukraine dependent on the Patriarchate of Constantinople,” the resolution says at another point.

In closing, the participants thanked the Ecumenical Patriarch for trying to resolve the ecclesiastical Ukrainian issue, but, as they note, “the text of the Tomos does not fit the Patriarchate of Kiev.”

Τhe response of the Autocephalous Church of Ukraine was immediate, and, in a communiqué that it published, it appealed to “Patriarch” Filaret and the participants in the meeting “to realize the devastating consequences of this meeting and to stop undermining the unity of the Church and the Ukrainian people.”

It was also decided that at the next Holy Synod of the Autocephalous Church of Ukraine, which will meet on June 24, the appropriate decisions on this issue will be taken.

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