Saturday, July 20, 2019

Atlas Obscura: Reopening Turkey's Controversial Monastery


  1. "open minded clergy...who will be immune to fundamentalism...who will know how to coexist peacefully and build bridges with..."

    What nice secular speak. So God is going to turn the tide of the Islamic route of the Imperial Church of the East in Turkey with...secular speak/attitudes/ideas?!? Puuuuulleeeeaaasseeeee.

    That said as a bibliophile I would love to spend a few weeks in the library...

    1. Sad. I think the best thing for the library is to get it exported to someplace safer than Turkey. There have been earthquakes and manmade "accidents". The local government would send a card of condolences but the fire department (if there is such) would be terribly slow, would lose the address if something happenned. Halki lives in short youtube videos, nowhere else, call it a day. The monk is probably an example of the quality of the education one could expect IF it reopened. Building a bridge to Islam....That would be the one over the Golden Horn, right? There's already a school headed in the direction of closing that does that in Boston.