Wednesday, July 10, 2019

California tries to crack the seal on confessions

(GetReligion) - In this politically polarized world, there are issues that can drive a large wedge between people — including several that, one way or another, are tied to religion.

Immigration and abortion are two of the biggest in the Donald Trump era, issues that dominated the Supreme Court’s recently-completed term and the Democratic presidential primaries that are just underway. Then again, immigration and abortion are the issues that dominate news on the web and cable TV.

Religious freedom, an old-school liberal issue now largely taken up by conservatives, is often lost in mainstream news coverage. Lost in this coverage is an issue of such importance to Roman Catholics, that it may very well be the biggest fallout to come from years of clerical sex abuse when it comes to how it affects the law.

The California State Senate, controlled by Democrats, recently passed a bill (the first of its kind in the United States) that would compel a priest — violating centuries of Catholic law and tradition — to disclose to civil authorities any information learned in the confessional if it involves the sexual abuse of a minor committed by another priest or lay worker. The bill was supposed to head to the State Assembly later this summer, where Democrats hold a majority...
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  1. Simple answer: no.
    Now take a deep breath and the answer will still be the same.
    So the fuss is? What?

  2. The premise of the bill, at it's best, is that human justice for sexually abused people is paramount over every other concern. At worst it is an expression of the secular world's fear and contempt for any body who purports to answer to a higher law.

    That the RCC has done serious damage to their own position by violating that higher calling frequently is without doubt.

    However, if this bill passed it will be used as a precedent for DAs to investigate any crime including "hate speech" and other ideological "crimes".

    Still, the real Church will survive and even thrive if we each actually practice living a repentant life while seeking God fervently.

  3. I have a question? What is the Orthodox practice regarding the privacy of confession?

  4. It's always easy to say no, or I forgot. Probably won't get used very much.

  5. To the cofessor. what is said there is buried there.