Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Heed the call to be a missionary!

These are our missionaries serving in Guatemala. You could join them and offer your talents where they're needed, all around the world!
(OCMC) - Could you see yourself spending a gap year of service in the mission field? What about just a few months?

Until now, at OCMC, we didn’t have an easy way to facilitate that; people would usually either spend 10 days in the mission field with a team, or dedicate 2+ years in long-term missionary service. We’re excited to be rolling out some more options, however, that will give more people the opportunity to serve in whatever capacity suits them the best.

Mission Team Member. Teams travel for two to three week periods, on set dates. Mission Team members empower communities by working, witnessing, worshipping, and making disciples. Team members work together in a manner befitting Orthodox Christians, rendering service to help the Church with ongoing projects. Teams have contributed construction, youth ministry, teaching and evangelism, medical, and other outreach programs.

Mission Volunteer. Volunteers serve in the mission field for varying lengths of time from one month up to one year, assisting with projects and performing tasks that complement the ministries of Orthodox hierarchs and communities around the world. This assignment is designed to fill one’s gap year or for individuals of any age desiring to serve the Church abroad longer than a Team assignment.

Missionary Intern. An Intern is much like a Mission Volunteer, except that an Intern serves for at least five months to a year with the intention of continuing in full-time Missionary service. A three-day orientation is required at the Mission Center. Once in the field, the Intern will participate in cross-cultural ministry and a supervised missiological reading program to advance their training for future service.

Missionary Associate. After completion of an internship program, a Missionary Intern returns home to complete their training at the Mission Center and then continues with support-raising. When this is completed, they are ready to return to the field as an Associate, with skills and experiences to continue their mission service for up to three years.

Missionary. An OCMC Missionary is devoted to living with and serving those who need Christ in another culture. A vocational Missionary works in places where the Church is new or developing; with or through an existing parish; helping form new communities; engaging in evangelism and training leaders; and developing programs, outreach, or charitable works representing the care and love of God to those in need. OCMC long-term Missionaries can make a lasting impact far beyond their years of service.

If you can see yourself serving for any amount of time – whether a few weeks or a few years – reach out for more information and get the application process started! You can start by filling out the inquiry form here.

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