Monday, July 8, 2019

In the US, we would call this a suicide note

Moscow, July 8 (Interfax) - Women's mental capabilities are, as a rule, lower than men's, but they are more selfless than men, Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, the head of the patriarch's commission on family issues and protection of mothers and children, said.

"Women aren't as smart. Of course, there are women like Marie Curie, but they are still rare," the priest said on Radonezh radio.

At the same time, women are more patient and have more love, he said. "The care women give to children cannot be compared to what a man can do. Everything a woman does is a heroic deed [...] it's exactly what the Lord expects from every person; in the first place, naturally, from men, but they evade it," Father Dimitry said.

To illustrate his words, he mentioned a situation from his parish life. "A woman comes to church, she brings her husband along, and he's just standing there like the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, blinking, and can't say anything. She explains everything more or less reasonably, but he can't say a word," the priest said.


  1. Yeah
    Women aren't smart
    She explains everything reasonably
    But he can't say a word
    You got it
    Are you a man?

  2. In IQ testing, the male distribution is "fatter" at both ends, which is probably a more politic way of putting it.

  3. I think the translation is bad. " Phnom Pehn..." ????. The main point is that intelligence in men and women are different by nature. IQ tests are notorious for being inaccurate.

  4. To be fair, that's the tradition...

  5. Words fail me. Actually, that's not quite true. Words don't fail me. It's just that all the words that come to mind about this foolish statement are vulgar.

    1. Michael and Fr. Gregory,

      I admit I have a "I like this guy" gut reaction. I like the way he pokes a stick in the eye of our confidence - confidence in our the righteousness of our bourgeois morality around radical equality, how that equality is supposed to play out in Church, and the like. Not that he is "correct", but really, what do we need Christianity for when we have The Truth (about intelligence, what is right and wrong, etc.) ;)

  6. He's right, the distro list is indeed fatter at both ends of the bell curve.

    Thr science as they say, is settled.

  7. I like to think of myself as more on the traditional side of things, but this is absurd! It takes intelligence to properly raise children and especially to navigate the murky waters we are now living in. I can agree that in general most women are physically weaker and more emotional than men, but less intelligent? No way. Hasn't he heard of St. Catherine the Great.

  8. Thank you Orthodox Mom and forgive us who engage in such foolish talk!

  9. In the English translation of the philokalia, "nous" is translated as "intellect". So, obviously, only smart people can engage in prayer of the heart. Increase your intelligence quotient if you wish to see Mt. Tabor light.