Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sotiras: A Romanian Orthodox alternative to Facebook

(Basilica) - A group of tech-savvy Romanians are currently testing Sotiras, a new social platform that could be an Orthodox alternative to Facebook.

Their initiative has the blessing of the Romanian monks from the Annunciation Kellia of the Romanian Lakkoskete on Mount Athos.

The new social networking website ‘aims at promoting beauty, normality, and Christian values’, reads a statement of the founders published by Marturie Athonita.

In order to avoid any inappropriate opinions associated with the endeavour, it is stated that “this platform is not intended to take on extremist Orthodox forms”.

On the contrary, “it aims to be an online place where people with similar values can communicate freely”.

Because the project is in the testing phase, access is currently being restricted. People can still request access by completing an application form.

The name Sotiras means ‘Saviour’ in Greek.

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