Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Sunday Octoechos in Chinese language published

(ROC) - In Hong Kong, China Orthodox Press Publishing Company issued the Sunday Octoechos in the Chinese language.

The publication of a major liturgical book was aimed at making liturgical texts available for the Chinese-speaking faithful. It can be used both for public worship and private prayer.

The edition includes eight volumes of the Octoechos, 36 pages in each volume, with parallel English and Chinese texts, liturgical commentaries and a short appendix of Chinese vocal chanting.

This edition based on the Chinese text translated by the Beijing Ecclesiastical Mission in the 19th century was substantially edited to comply with the present-day standards of the Chinese liturgical language, reports, citing the website of the Church of Ss. Peter and Paul in Hong Kong.

Electronic version of the Sunday Octoechos in traditional hieroglyphs will be available for free download on China Orthodox Press’s website. The version with simplified hieroglyphs and paper version will also be available for purchase on this website.

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