Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Russian exarchate's initial response to Constantinople

From computer-translated French...

(AROC-WE) - On Saturday August 31, 2019, the day after the meeting of the Board of Directors, the Office of the Archdiocese issued a communiqué detailing the three points that were retained by the Board for consideration by the Assembly on the future of the Archdiocese.

Shortly after this publication appeared a statement from the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople expressing his decision to grant a canonical leave to Archbishop John "personally and only for him".

Monseigneur Jean announces that he had not requested such a holiday to date and sent the Patriarchate a request for explanation. In the meantime, Archbishop Jean confirms that the Extraordinary General Assembly will be held regularly on the 7th of September as planned.

But the decision of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople has the consequence of modifying the list of the solutions envisaged, submitted for the consideration of the Assembly.

Thus the first option for the study of a new ecclesial structure for the archbishopric in the Patriarchate of Constantinople is rendered obsolete.

Father George Ashkov, for his part, informed the Archbishop that he was asking for the withdrawal of his project, which had become unimaginable for the time being in the newly created situation, while hoping that it could be examined later.

Thus it will remain in the General Assembly of September 7 to decide directly on the "project of attachment to the Moscow Patriarchate" developed during six months by the joint commission "archbishop-patriarchate of Moscow".

In order to carry our assembly in prayer, we ask all our faithful to practice a fast from Wednesday to Friday and to invoke in their prayers the Holy Spirit so that He will lead the members of the AGE towards the path that will allow the Archdiocese to continue the works of our predecessors with blessed memory.


  1. 58% in favour of joining Moscow, but as a two-thirds majority was needed, the motion did not pass. In any event the Assembly under Archbishop Jean had no power to make any decisions as Jean had been relieved of his office by the EP three days earlier, and M. Emmanuel of France appointed as Locum Tenens.

    Apparently at the end of the Assembly Abp. Jean announced his retirement with immediate effect. Probably just as well, as many thought the next step would his suspension a divinis or defrocking.