Friday, March 27, 2020

The Holy Mountain closed to pilgrims, but praying for us all

( - Holy Mount Athos is closed to pilgrims until the end of March, but its monasteries continue prayer and religious services even more fervently.

The governing Holy Community of Mount Athos has urged all churches and sketes on its territory to hold cross processions and officiate All-Night Vigils to the Mother of God, who is the Archontissa (lady leader) of the Mountain.

This Friday night, in the fourth week of the Great Lent, the Athonite monks will hold All-Night Vigil to St. Martyr Charalambos, healer of infectious diseases, informs Orthodox Christianity.

The monks from the 20 monasteries and the other sketes and cells will ask God’s mercy for the whole world threatened by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Holy Community of Mount Athos has expressed the need to strengthen prayers and the celebration of the Sacraments during Great Lent and has called on all to repent “with all the power of the spirit of the Lord, the Lifegiving Source overcoming death.”

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