Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Mmmm.... lemon.

My annual repost of the day of joy. Hello, Greek peoples!


  1. this gives us pause and thank God that we true christians,, call our Pascha 'Russian Easter' and say Christos Voskrese --- these barbaians have no repect of such a solemn and joyous day as our Paschal greeting in arabic to them is 'eye bishumn'

  2. Christ Is Risen!

    Ha! I love this guy.

    My kindergarten daughter loves Yannis Pappas' "Mister Panos" character too. She will walk around the house speaking in a fained Greek accent talking about eating soup made with lamb guts & L-E-M-O-N! It's truly entertains to behold : )

  3. He is crude, rude, insensitive,and socially unacceptable in his depiction of pascha