Thursday, April 30, 2020

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."


  1. The Sally Alinskys of the church strike again. This is Daniel. "He shall wear out the saints of the Most High." Speaking facetiously, At this point since leaders effectively said the Church is nonessential or the sacraments, everyone should just be televangelists with a YouTube channel and virtually commune and give blood. Let the Sally Alinskys do their gig, goats will gladly follow. Catacomb time. Since the threshing, the tribulation , has ostensibly not happened, imagine how great this falling away will be? May we be counted among the elect, sinful as we are.

    1. This is an honest non-confrontational question Fr. Christopher, as I am sincerely interested in your opinion:

      If one of the canonical jurisdictions (and everyone has their opinion as to which one will it will be first) were to pull the trigger on the "female diaconate..ness...eses", what would be the real impact? Would more than a handful of preists in said jurisdiction flee to other jurisdictions? Would more than 1, 2, maybe 3 parishes do the same? Clearly I am pessimistic just by how I frame the questions.

  2. I might sign up for this, just to see what if there is anything new under the sun in the land of the female deacon. There movement seems to me to have hit a wall of indifference and (in some cases) rejection by the *majority* (God knows there is a minority) of Orthodox hierarchy and intellectuals...

  3. In the current situation, clergy (in most cases) are unable to visit the sick and dying in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Given social distancing guidelines, clergy are generally not making house calls to parishioners, either sick or healthy.

    So what exactly would "female deacons" do during the current crisis, given that their job historically was primarily one of visitation to women outside of the church building? Ya' don't need chirotonia to make phone calls or host Zoom meetings, ladies.