Friday, August 7, 2020

St. John of SF Orthodox Academy offering online classes!

The Academy is offering classes online this year. If you are interested in an Orthodox distance education program (either a la carte or comprehensive), they are accredited and accepting applications. Give them a call!

(St. John-SF) - Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy is a pan-Orthodox co-educational, non-profit, full-time, college-preparatory day school founded in 1994 for grades K-12, with its academic calendar scheduled around the Orthodox calendar of feast days and services. The language of instruction is English.

The Academy aims to participate with parents in the development of children with classical minds, Christian hearts, and community spirits who are well informed in both liberal arts and modern sciences, and are equipped with the knowledge of Orthodox faith and ethics that will enable them to live as devout Orthodox Christians. A Classical curriculum focuses on developing the whole child (paideia), which affords opportunities to address all aspects of educating the mind, body, and soul.

The Academy expects its pupils to be active in church life, to develop their Christian consciousness, to practice prayer and follow Orthodox religious traditions; to maintain healthy and obedient relations with their parents, relatives, and teachers; to strive for excellence in intellectual pursuits; and to grow as useful members of society who practice true Christian love towards others and true Orthodox piety towards God.

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