Saturday, October 17, 2020

OAJ: Elena Murariu: Tribute to Romanian Martyrs

(OAJ) - Elena Murariu’s exhibition “Martyrs”, as well as the album published on this occasion, bring to our attention the story of Romanian martyrs who prayed for their country and for the whole world. Some recognized, but most unknown, these martyrs are the gift of their people, an offering to God. Their bones cover the land of their country here on earth as their prayers resound in heaven. Their lives and sacrifice were as the rose’s petals falling one by one,  covering the earth and painting it red. Without these martyrs living and acting as they did, there would have been no church, for they are the seed of the church. Elena Murariu’s work and her associations between martyrs of different times reveal the continuity of these martyrs in the Romanian land.

The album is a must see, as it unveils the new faces of these martyrs. If text usually lays the foundation for the image, this time the image is the one inviting us to read and discover the lives of these persons. Some of them are already known, whereas most of them may not be so familiar. Each character trait underlines the care of the painter to represent particular martyrs as accurately as possible. They seem to come alive under our very eyes. The focus laid on apparently insignificant but carefully presented details unveils how these details bear in themselves the fruits of holiness. Such details allow us to find out more about the lives of these saints and open the gate to new possibilities of interpretation. Apparently insignificant details are in fact the root of sanctity...

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