Saturday, October 17, 2020

What's an Apodyaqno?

I saw a recent article about someone becoming such and had no idea what it was. The Internet provides.

Example vestments

(Malankara-NEAD) - The original role of an Apodyaqno was that of door keeper, to remove those who were not baptized Orthodox members in good standing from the nave of the church into the narthex area just before the beginning of the recitation of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed. Now, his roles include overseeing and guiding those in the lesser ranks (up to Qoruyo), holding the candle during the various parts of the liturgy, and generally making sure that everything in the sanctuary runs smoothly during liturgy. Due to the dearth of sub-deacons (not including those in seminary), this role is now usually fulfilled by the senior altar assistants, together with the help of the chief altar assistant (ideally a permanent full deacon).

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  1. "Apodyaqno" is the Syriac transliteration of Greek ὑποδιάκονος ("subdeacon").