Friday, March 5, 2021

In College? Want a summer activity? Fancy an internship?

(St. Athanasius College) - Are you interested in learning how to live a life of service year-round? That's what the St. Athanasius Summer Internships are all about. We have three locations available for 2021. Interns will be taught how to be a catalyst for change. These internships are a combination of service and training.​

All three locations will begin on June 7th (arrival day) and end on August 7th (departure day). The cost for the summer is $1,600. We recommend fundraising this amount within your church and network of friends and family. Do you need help fundraising? We can help. Just let us know. This internship is for those who are 18-28 years old. To reserve your spot, apply now.

Canon City, CO (guys only): Abbot Theodore is offering eight weeks of asceticism at The Monastery of Our Lady and St. Laurence in the Colorado Rockies. Interns will serve guests at the retreat center and be led by Abbot Theodore on what it means to be an Orthodox man. Abbot Theodore and the monastery are under Metropolitan Joseph and His Grace Bishop John of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. Learn more about the monastery here:

Watch the documentary (free) to get a glimpse of the monastery. As of 2019, only men live at the monastery. Featured in the documentary, Mother Olga moved to Texas and Mother Sophia has reposed in the Lord. The monastery is under the Western Rite Vicariate of the Archdiocese.

Pittsburgh, PA (co-ed): Fr. Paul Abernathy and his awesome team are offering interns an opportunity to serve in the Hill District of Pittsburgh at the Neighborhood Resilience Project. This non-profit focuses on trauma informed community development. 

"Fr. Paul, also a combat veteran of the Iraq War who had first learned about PTSD in the Army, realized that trauma in the form of hunger, abuse, homelessness, lack of opportunity, racism, lack of health care, and violence greatly informed the worldview and culture of the community.

Understanding that trauma was the greatest barrier facing the development of his community, Abernathy began to ask the question, how do you heal an entire community that has been inundated with trauma for generations?"

Wichita, KS (ladies only): The Treehouse was founded in 2001 by St. George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral to help moms receive education, guidance, and support after the baby is born. Interns will have an opportunity to help support moms who have made the difficult decision to parent.​

The Treehouse offers programs such as learning about screen-time and personal banking. They also offer a layette program to help make sure mom has everything she needs when she returns home with the new baby. ​

"Diapers and formula, parenting education, spiritual support and an inexpensive thrift store with books, toys and clothes up to youth size 8 are just a few of the resources The Treehouse provides to women referred to our organization from our approved partners."

One of those approved partners is A Better Choice medical clinic. Interns will have the option to go through a three-day training program to volunteer as a client advocate and help pregnant women who are struggling to make a decision about parenting, adoption, and abortion. The clinic sees on average 250 clients per month with varying needs. 

"As a client advocate, you will administer pregnancy tests for our clients and have an open dialogue with them about their needs, whether the results come back positive or negative for pregnancy! You will have the opportunity to offer truthful and nonjudgmental support based on Christian pro-life teachings, as well as education and referrals based on each client’s unique situation. Client advocates walk with women on their journey by following up with phone calls and support throughout their pregnancy. Interns will serve women of diverse life experiences, many of whom are in crisis and living in severe material and spiritual poverty. Interns will also work beside other volunteers and do plenty of reception and office work. We have a special need for bilingual Spanish speaking advocates!"

We are accepting applications for a Resident Advisor. The RA will not be required to pay anything for their internship for overseeing the logistics of the house, chores, and transportation. For those interested, a question is available for you to answer on the application. Our preference is for applicants to be 25-40 years old.


  1. I have heard that Fr. Paul is a huge advocate of the vaccines that are using abortive fetal tissue lines. I have also heard that his logo for the "Neighborhood Resilience Project" is the Marxist fist BLM and the Communists.

    Internship? No thanks.

  2. Perhaps you should "know" these things, rather than just "hear" them before rushing to judgement.

  3. I Have since verified it, Dave.

  4. Mikail, I am not sure what any of this has to do with The Treehouse. I was at St. George in Wichita when it began. I still am. Fr. Paul O'Callaghan has been my priest since 1993. I have never heard him be a "huge advocate" for anything other than the Orthodox faith and practice.

    He is strongly pro-life in every thing I have ever heard him speak over 27 years.