Monday, March 8, 2021

Pope of Rome at East Syriac Rite Liturgy in Iraq

And if you'd like to compare the above to what a "normal" Liturgy looks and sounds like, you can watch this.


  1. The Chaldean Catholic Liturgy was thoroughly "Novus-Ordoized". The Assyrian Church of the East keeps the ancient liturgical Traditions. Patriarch Joseph VI Audo must be turning in his grave.

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  3. also here, Cardinal Louis, the head of the Chaldean Catholics, mocks the Congregation for Rites in Rome, for wanting more authenticity, and also makes fun of the vision of the four living creatures in the scripture and the Byzantine Liturgy, in a sermon of Oct 2020
    "I got really mad today because the Eastern [Catholic Churches’] Congregation sent us a letter, like that – I didn’t open it, and I told the [Papal] ambassador that I'm not going to open it – to the effect of, ‘Yes, you should take care what… you have made too many innovations. Take care about [the liturgy], also in consideration of your sister Church, the Orth… I mean the Assyrian one.’ OK, we welcome this, but between us and them there are 500 years… 500 years!
    So if I, we, return to these anaphoras… the anaphora that [Saint] Addai practiced – Addai is the most acceptable one – Nestorius and Theodore, which needs 2.5 hours for us to officiate. All this imagination, chariots and wings in heaven, and angels with six wings covering their faces, castrating their lower parts, and covering I don’t know what. What, are we in a zoo, or do we want to pray? And, anyway, we are also living in a society of which 96% are Muslims. Shouldn’t we speak with them? Shouldn’t they understand our prayers? I mean, where are they going?
    The [Congregation for Eastern Catholic Churches] have no right to tell us what to do. They have no right to command us. I also told all of this to the ambassador. We are also called to understand and pray in… in words and a language which we live. How would they know our liturgy? How can we make them understand? They don’t neither Chaldean (sic.) nor do they know Arabic, nor... What do they know? Where would they know from? I wish that you would pray for this intention."