Monday, April 12, 2021

Parabéns! First Portuguese prayer book published

(Pravmir) The first Orthodox prayer book in Portuguese (“Devocionário Ortodoxo”) was published in Portugal, reports the website of the Spanish and Portuguese diocese. The prayer book, like the service book issued earlier, was published with the blessing of Archbishop Nestor of Madrid and Lisbon.

Hegumen Peter (Prutyanu) and Hierodeacon Jerome (Tomaz), clerics of the parish in honor of St. John Chrysostom in the city of Cascais, worked on the translation and publication of the text.

The Prayer Book was published by the Portuguese-Brazilian Catholic publishing house Paulus, which will promote the distribution of the publication in bookstores in Portugal and Brazil.

In addition to morning and evenin
g prayers, the prayer book contains canons, akathists, as well as prayers before Holy Communion, psalms and hymns that are included in the main church services.

The 230-page prayer book is designed in two colors and is available in hardcover and paperback.

“We hope that this work will be useful not only for the Portuguese, Brazilians and other Lusophones adopting Orthodoxy, but also for Roman Catholics who are more and more interested in Orthodox worship,” hegumen Peter (Prutyanu) said.


  1. Im shocked given the large Eastern Orthodox population in Brazil (Serbian,Russian, Ukrainian, Ukr Catholic)that there hasn't been any resources published already

  2. That's true. The Polish Orthodox church has a mission in Portugal which has spread to Brazil. You would think that they would have published such materials.