Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A tactical helicopter entry into a "hostile apostate town"

His Holiness Orthodox Metropolitan of Belgrade and Patriarch of the Serbian and Coastal Porphyrios lands in to hostile apostate (due to communism) town of Cetinje to enthrone the Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro Joanikije in the historical see of Cetinje's Monastery.

The local apostates helped by the various liberals, communists, secularists, atheists had blocked all the main roads leading to Cetinje, to prevent the visit of the Patriarch to Cetinje's Monastery, so the Patriarch bypassed the barricades and rubbles by air. The Government fearing possible assassination of the Patriarch organized heavy police security. 60 people were hurt trying to overrun police and break in to the monastery which guards the sacred incorrupt hand of St. John the Baptist.

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