Thursday, January 27, 2022

UOC-USA offers prayer for people of Ukraine

It does not mince words.


  1. The rascal in me will be interested to watch the MP partisans justify an invasion (assuming there is one) and messy "fix" to ecclesiastical situation from their point of view by the point of the sword. The twist and turn of legal logic, the denials, who deserved what, will be thick and yet thin ;)

    1. OK, I'll bite.

      Ukraine is a failing state that's turning into a giant trash dump (literally). Its governors will do whatever the US foreign policy establishment has dreamed up for the place. From the perspective of the Russians, they don't want a NATO base next door to their Black Sea ports; they want Ukraine Finland-ized.

      There are three countries that matter in the world and will naturally assert themselves in their respective spheres. In similar sentiment (though not circumstances), the US would turn Texas into a pink mist at any serious attempts to secede.

      Ukraine costs US taxpayers $600M a year. For my part, I couldn't care less which set of Slavs rules Ukraine. I'm not sure even Russia wants to rule Ukraine--they just want to neuter it like they did Chechnya.

      Orthodoxy is turning into another vector for Old World rivalries to worm their way into District of Columbia imperial intrigues. You might say that, in her own way, the Orthodox Church contributes to the further fracturing of the American polity.

    2. I don't know who is right, but it is sad the the Patriarch of Alexandria didn't humbly ask what he did to so strongly alienate so many clergy in his patriariarchate. Some humility and and repentance might have gone a long way in healing the situation.

    3. It's easy to be mad at our hierarchs for not humbly asking such questions and turning to repentance. Thankfully, we're not in their shoes. I'm not sure I'd do much better.

    4. Russell - somebody here commented that the priests just needed steady paychecks and the MP was happy to oblige. No idea.

  2. Would be nice if we were to pray for peace among brothers.