Friday, February 11, 2022

Consider helping OCMC's first missionaries to Indonesia

(SVOTS) - Seminary graduate Philip McClanahan and his family have begun building support for their ministry in Indonesia.

Philip and Kristiana, along with their three children Irene (7), Simon (2), and Miriam (2 months), are preparing to travel to the city of Medan through the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC). There Philip will lecture at the St. Paul Theological School and teach youth at local Orthodox schools under His Eminence, Metropolitan Konstantinos of Singapore.

"Having OCMC missionaries on the ground will greatly contribute to the efforts of the growing Church in Indonesia," read a statement about the McClanahan family from OCMC. "His education and skills will make him a great asset for the St. Paul Theological School in Medan and the local Church."

The McClanahans will become the first missionaries sent by OCMC to Indonesia.

"Before I was Orthodox I did some mission work in the Middle East," Philip said in an interview during his studies at St. Vladimir's. "Then I went on a long spiritual quest and entered into Orthodoxy in 2010.

"When I met my wife one of the things we had in common was an interest in missions. We even contacted OCMC prior to coming to seminary. So it’s been a number of years in the making."

Philip graduated from St. Vladimir's Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree in 2021. As a seminarian he led the St Innocent Mission Society student interest group. Among other undertakings, he
helped organize an effort to assist the Orthodox Diocese of Gulu and Eastern Uganda in 2020.

The McClanahans plan to move to Medan as soon as they've raised the support they’ll need for their service. To support and follow their missionary ministry, visit the OCMC webpage for the family.

May God abundantly bless and guide the McClanahans in their ministry, and May He grant them many years!

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