Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Abortion in America

It will surprise not a single reader that I am ardently pro-life. I've posted from the March for Life, put up prayers on the topic, and have not been reticent to point out capitulation or endorsement of abortion by people purporting to espouse Orthodox ties. So, if the topic is not your cup of tea, please feel free to skip this article. 

The response of people who feel that the loss of access to abortion up to (and sadly even shortly after in the minds of some) giving birth is going to be very forceful. You are going to see people raging against the decision by the Court that looks the be coming down soon. You are going to see screams coming out of people that barely sound or look human. You are going to see hyperbole that borders on the nonsensical. You are going to hear appeals to freedom that conveniently avoid the freedom to live of the unborn. Expect it.

At a fundamental level those who see life beginning at conception and who see a divine hand in the forming of life in the womb are in opposition to people who range from believing that the termination of unborn lives is a personal decision to those who will argue against even the humanity of that same baby. Somehow, if we were to discover a single-celled organism on Mars it would be life, but when a man and a woman come together in the martial embrace, the product of such a union is a debatable point.

It looks like soon the states will get to decide for themselves when the choice of the mother ends and when the baby's right to live begins. New York and Louisiana are not going to draw the same line in the sand. The debate will rage like wildfires all over the deliberative bodies of the 50 states. God grant that in this moment where we gain something precious, we don't lose civility entirely as a nation.

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  1. Your thoughtful post has me thinking. Before the sexual revolution and after, racialism has been the source of much strife and outright violence, the American Civil war being the most obvious. In my lifetime, the late sixties riots, the Rodney King riots, and the recent BLM riots. However even here the Civil Rights movement is so universally accepted and successful, there is no real *ideological* rejection of its (theological) anthropology, only the generational sin stuff of class, economics, respect, family (lack of) dynamics. Still it is obviously able to be the source of real civil strive.

    What about the sexual revolution - the Pill, the relativization of marriage, abortion, and transhumanism? So far it has never been the source of any real civil strife, but then it has been unopposed - it has received everything it has asked for. If this coming Supreme decision really is what it appears, it will be the Sexual Revolutions first setback of any significance.

    Does the sexual revolution side of "Civil Rights" have the gut-level-ideological commitment and energy to be the source of real civil strife? I don't see it, but that might not mean much. Take Feminism, which is all but dead and can't even keep men with penises out of "womens" bathrooms and sports. Is the LBGQTwerty crowd ready and willing to burn city centers, and (sarcastically) would they feel compelled to remove their wigs before they do it?

    Just musings...