Monday, May 2, 2022

Presenting the Christian Faith conference in June

(Patristic Nectar) - Patristic Nectar is pleased to present the 2022 Annual Patristic Nectar Conference entitled, Holy Orthodoxy: Presenting the Christian Faith. We intend to present a high-level overview of the traditional Christian faith as an exercise in fundamental catechism. Participants in this conference may expect to receive wide-ranging exposure to basic Christian theology by superb pedagogues with the intent to deepen the faith of Orthodox Christians and to broadly expose seekers to key contours of Christian belief.  

We are making this conference available through live online streaming for those who would like to attend remotely.

Registration for this event is $40. All paying registrants will be able to watch the conference live, and in addition, they will receive the complete set of conference lectures in their Patristic Nectar account library once they are published. To watch the conference and receive the audio files, register below. 

June 3rd - Friday

  • Lecture #1 The Hidden Treasure: Personal Awakening to God (Father Maximos Constas)
  • Lecture #2 By Dying, We Live: Conversion Paradigms (Father Josiah Trenham)

June 4th - Saturday 

  • Lecture #3 Let Us Rejoice in the Lord: Community, Liturgy, Worship (Father Maximos Constas)
  • Lecture #4 You Have the Words of Life: The Place of Holy Scripture in the Church (Father Bogdan Bucur)
  • Lecture #5 Sacred Images: Orthodox Life in Christ (Father Maximos Constas)
  • Lecture #6 De-Mystifying Mystical Theology: Knowing the Unknown God in the Church (Dr. Tikhon Pino)

June 5th - Sunday

  • Lecture #7 Here We Have No Lasting City: The Consummation of the Ages (Father Maximos Constas)

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  1. Lecture #6 & 7 look the most interesting to me. Given Fr. Josiah Trenham reaction to covid mitagation efforts by the bishops and governments, a "millennialist" reaction to put a word on it, I half expected him to be in a "True" jurisdiction by now. Good to see he is still with the Antiochian's