Wednesday, June 1, 2022

St. Vlad's hosting conference on money and the Gospel

(OCLI) -How much is our struggle with parish finances the result of our failure to teach about money?
Did you know Scripture teaches about possessions 3 times more than love, 7 times more than prayer, and 8 times more than belief? Among the three pillars of Orthodox spiritual practice - prayer, fasting, and almsgiving - the Gospel addresses almsgiving far more.  A spirit and practice of generosity is critical to anyone who stewards God's gifts as a servant leader. Join us if you are ready to:
  • ​Have honest and candid discussions about money and stewardship
  • Foster contentment and gratitude with all that the Lord provides
  • Avoid temptations surrounding accumulation and wealth
  • Practice almsgiving as the important spiritual discipline - like prayer and fasting - in "working out your salvation"
  • Abandon the ministry-centric approach and embrace a soul-centric approach to personal giving and even Christian fundraising
  • Consider the blessing of anonymous giving
  • Inspire generosity and stewards in your parish
  • Support your parish as a steward in its community
  • Be encouraged by one another in Christian fellowship
Join us for thoughtful and challenging conversations about money and how the Gospel changes everything about it in light of repentance and the hope of salvation!

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