Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Met. Antonios of Glyfada's outrage at Abp. Elpidophoros



  1. So on the surface a rogue act by a "progressive/modern" man whose belief/spirituality is in a *reformation* mode. Some will put forth the conspiracy that this (i.e. the ignorance of Met. Antonios) is just the surface, and I think there is some truth in such thoughts in that the formalities can be a too easy setup and then coverup for such innovative men and acts.

    In other words, would not any cleric/hierarch/lay leader in Greece not be aware of GOA's - her leadership and membership - secular/progressive outlook and ontology and thus not be more diligent about such requests?

  2. I take it most of the children on the territory of his diocese are unbaptized then? 'Cause if we're being strict about things, most Orthodox are nominal at best and usually functional atheists. If we follow his strict line of thought, their numerous failings disqualify their children from being baptized since the Church can't reasonably expect them to be properly raised in the Orthodox Faith...

  3. Apparently the country of Greece does not allow same-sex couples to adopt children. So, admittedly yes, this would be alarming for the Church of Greece that the baptisms took place in Greece. I assume that it took place there at the Bousis family's request.

    This was definitely a Bousis family event though. The uncle is Orthodox and listed as godparent. The grandparents are there. I don't think Archbishop Elpidophorus can properly be accused of lying. However, I can also understand why the local bishop is upset, and I'm not sure why Archbishop Elpidophorus was not more sensitive to the uproar this would cause.