Friday, January 6, 2023

Time for some new calendars

Every year for Christmas I order a number of calendars. A word-of-the-day calendar, a rare/archaic word-of-the-day calendar, a Far Side calendar, and a liturgical calendar. Every priest gets a calendar from his jurisdiction with all the "fiddly bits" that most people don't need to know, but every family also needs a good - and beautiful - church calendar to put somewhere everyone can see it in their homes.

Last year we got the Beauty First Films calendar and I must say it's quite good - and beautiful. So do consider them if you haven't purchased a calendar for your home yet. They do offer them in both Old and New Calendar versions. Easy to order from Etsy.

Full disclosure: I didn't get a free calendar or anything thing from the Beauty First Films people. I just really like their work. They also do Orthodox projects like documentaries. You can see those here.

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