Friday, March 1, 2024

Antiochian Patriarchate still handling Met. Joseph situation

(Patriarchate of Antioch) - The Synodal Committee formed by His Beatitude Patriarch JOHN X held a meeting to discuss the developments taking place in the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America. This committee consists of Metropolitans: Elias Audé (Beirut), Antonios Souri (Zahlé and Baalbek), Nicolas Baalbaki (Hama), and Athanasius Fahd (Latakia). 
Its first meeting which took place in Balamand was chaired by His Beatitude and attended by the Metropolitans, members of the Committee. It examined the ecclesiastical transgressions committed by the former Metropolitan of the Archdiocese Joseph Zehlaoui. 
It decided to hold several meetings for further investigation and deliberation, in order to prepare a detailed report to be submitted to the upcoming Holy Synod meeting on March 13,  2024, where the appropriate decision will be taken.

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  1. seems like stone walling to me, just look at the bishop demetri situation and how the tried to bring him back, and due to the outcry wwere unsuccessful,,,,,,,, canons are canons, rules are rules. but is seems that once someone is part of the "Sanctified Brethren", as Garrrison Kiellor would describe them, then you are above reproach.

    as newton said, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" , i guess that this situation there ia another set of law that apply

    reminds me of when i gave technical testimony in Washington before a senate committee and told them that what they were proposing violated the laws of science and engineering, and one senator yelled at me and blurted out, "what are these laws of science and engineering , we are congress and we make the laws"

    this situation is clear as day, canons were violated, nuff said,, or what is the back story? I was once told that if you point a inger, three are pointing back at you. this situation just helps to erode our confidence, doesn't it.

    May God save us all, Hospodi Pomuli!