Thursday, March 12, 2015

Drive: How to Save Your Soul in Traffic
(Patristic Nectar Publications) - Perhaps the most unexamined aspect of contemporary urban life is driving the car. After working, sleeping, and entertainment driving consumes the greatest portion of our days. Car ownership is now the second most costly portion of modern life after housing. In this series entitled - Drive: How to Save Your Soul in Traffic - Fr Josiah examines the unexamined culture of driving the automobile. In four lectures:
  • Car Crazy - The Rise of Automobile Dominance
  • Car Vice - The Cardinal Sins of Driving
  • Car Courtesy - How to Love Your Neighbor in the Other Car
  • Car Time - How to Redeem It and Reduce Your Car Dependency
The contours of Christian driving are set forth with the hope that driving might become both an opportunity for communion with God and less cathartic in our everyday lives.


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  2. Easy solution: ride a bicycle.
    Begin to see your neighbors, see your local businesses, experience nature, slow down, save money, use your body to move around, breath fresh air. Riding a bike instead of driving a car is a way to reconnect with your surroundings and engage (maybe even love) your neighbor, instead of bypassing them at 30-75mph.

    1. LOL! You must not live in North Texas.

    2. "Unknown" must have listened to the 4th lecture already... spoiler alert.