Monday, November 27, 2017

Want to make some kids smile? Here's how.

Texan, Orthodox, AND cute? How can you not help these kids out?

At The Saint Constantine School, we believe that children need to play. In a time when most schools restrict recess in favor of longer hours in the classroom, we take the opposite approach-- because we believe that schools should let children be children, and that means letting them play outside for hours each day.

Last year we built Houston's first natural playground on our campus, and our students love it. They play in the fort, climb trees, and go down the hill slide over and over. Our natural playground preserves the natural beauty of our campus while providing students of all ages with a challenging playground that inspires imagination and activity.

But with an ever-expanding student body, our students need a larger playground. And for a fraction of the cost of a traditional playground, we can add six new play features for students of all ages to our current play area.

Will you help us make our natural playground expansion dream a reality?

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