Saturday, February 22, 2020

Add Antioch to the list of no-shows at Amman conference

I'll save people the typing of cries of "more US government pressure." That does not seem to be at play at all here.

(Antioch Patriarchate) - A Statement by the Antiochian Orthodox Media Center
Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East
Balamand, February 22, 2020

Following the generous invitation of His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem to His Beatitude Patriarch John X of Antioch, to participate in a consultative meeting of Church leaders in Amman, Jordan, on the twenty-fifth of this month, the Antiochian Church declares that She will not participate in this meeting.

The Church of Antioch acknowledges the concern of the Orthodox Churches’ Primates and their initiatives to what could contribute to finding solutions for the grave crisis that the Orthodox Church is witnessing today. However, She has decided not to participate in this meeting, based on the information that has been provided, and for Her care to avoid whatever increases divergence and deepens the rift between brothers. Her position does not mean that She is not eager to expedite necessary solutions for the reasons that led to the severance of communion between the Church of Antioch and the Church of Jerusalem, even after the Church of Antioch has showed readiness for everything that facilitates these solutions.

On this occasion, the Church of Antioch reiterates Her firm position that the "unanimous consensus" between the Churches, based on the Holy Scripture and the Holy Tradition, is the essential rule in the Orthodox Church, with regards to general decisions on the universal Orthodox level, as well as in resolving outstanding issues. She also affirms Her endeavor, through the continuous communication with the Churches, to what yields an atmosphere of love and to a return to the mutual consultation and unanimity between the brothers, in order for Her to be faithful to the mission of joy, peace, and unity that the Lord wants from His Church.

The Church of Antioch calls upon all of Her children to join together in prayer and work for peace in the Church and the whole world.


  1. The Churches that had the courage not to attend the Cretan robber synod (Antioch, Bulgaria, and Georgia) do not have the courage to support the persecuted Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Metropolitan Onuphriy in Jordan. It is a very sad time in Orthodoxy. We are still waiting for another St. Mark of Ephesus.

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  3. See How Good it is when brothers dwell in unity! Now let us see these holy words become incarnate in action. Thank God we have Holy Lenten days upon us so that we may repent of our lack of love which is the source of disunity.