Friday, July 24, 2015

Who wants to help a family go to seminary?

Don't you want to be able say "I helped a family go to seminary!" I certainly do. As the blog's last posting of a GoFundMe campaign helped a small mission in South Carolina get a new roof (see here), I thought we could give it another go and help the Greesons get to St. Vladimir's Seminary. I'm sure every donation - large or small - will be appreciated greatly.

(GoFundMe) - In August we will be headed to St Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary in order for Daniel to study and God willing prepare for the priesthood. This calling has taken various forms over the past decade from academic work, OCF work, and serving in various capacities in our local parishes.

After a trying period in graduate school and several years of discernment we were propelled towards seminary. A major part in this discernment process was Daniel's friend Fr Matthew Baker, whose tragic death was a major impetus to act upon our years of prayer.

These funds would support us through a time when Daniel cannot work full time to support our family. Chelsea will be nannying part time and we have some funds saved, however we need additional financial help in the upcoming years.

Specifically these funds will be used for moving expenses, insurance, rent, school supplies, and unforseen incidentals.

Please as you can help us in this transition and most importantly remember us in your prayers.
Help out here!

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