Wednesday, March 15, 2023

International Orthodox Theological Association videos are out

There's a whole playlist here. Feel free to skip the OTSA endorsement section at the top of the below video. I did.

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  1. This organization reflects the disposition, values, and concerns of its leaders just like any other organization. Leaders/organizers like Dr. Frost, Dr. Woloschak, etc. are concerned with modern/secular moralisms such as "science vs. Faith" and women's ordination. Thus many of the videos are about such things and other modernist/progressive concerns like "climate change", "animal compassion" and "Jurisdictionalism" from a progressive viewpoint. It's hard to overstate the distance such abstractions have from the parish and the Gospel. Not surprising though, given how far the Academy is from the reality of the parish and Gospel.

    As with anything like this, I'm sure there a few diamonds in the rough, but who has the time to find them?