Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Met. Methodios advocates communing heterodox

I am chagrined to see a hierarch advocating this. I don't want to repeat all that I said when Abp. Elpidophoros advocated the same.


  1. Most priests would be delighted to receive non-Orthodox spouses into the Church, so it seems to me that the spouses are making a point of not being received. It's not as if the Church is putting up obstacles. The bishop is proposing that we commune people who actively and deliberately reject Orthodoxy.

  2. If I wanted to be an Anglican and accept branch theory, I'd have joined the Anglican church. It seems that the Metropolitan wants us to reject the oneness of the Church and accept such a theory, that anyone can commune even if not yet Orthodox. Doesn't he read that same pre-communion prayers that we read? We are warned about the danger of being "burnt" by the Eucharist if we commune without proper preparation and faith.